P CharacterHenry Wyse published many books and pamphlets throughout his life. Most of these were instructional books aimed at his own students and other students of art, but some showed the other sides of his many varied interests.

Book Covers

This file shows some of the cover pages of his many books. Examples of these books are still held within the family.


Modern Methods

This book on Modern Methods of Art Instruction was published for the members of the Scottish Art Teachers’ Association. Only parts of the book are reproduced here, along with pages from a small notebook that Henry Wyse kept, showing the various newspaper reviews he received.

Geometric Patterns

These are some pages from a small instructional pamphlet published for students. It is an example of an early ‘colouring book’.

Enterprise Scotland

An exhibition of post-war modern design was held in Edinburgh in 1947. The ‘Enterprise Scotland’ exhibition mainly showed commercial products, but this set of cards was produced as a souvenir set by Henry Wyse. The final cards were reduced in size from much larger lithographic originals.



This shows some of the stencils that Henry Wyse used to prepare the small book ‘Fifty Japanese Stencils’.



This small book, ‘Rudiments of Design’ was published in 1902 while Henry Wyse was living in Arbroath. The illustrations in this book are by Henry Wyse’s brother James Wyse, who was an art master in Kirkcaldy at the time.



Nature Forms was a book of free drawing, which was aimed at pupils and teachers in schools, to encourage their interest in drawing natural forms.


Modern Type Display

This extensive treatise on Typography, was published in 1911. Henry Wyse was given many samples of type by the foundries, and some odd pieces still survive within the family archives. The entire book has been scanned here, so please be patient while the large file loads.


While Henry Wyse was Lecturer in Art at Edinburgh Provincial Training College, he edited and published a series of pamphlets covering many aspects of art work that he was teaching. Most of the pamphlets were written by Henry Wyse himself, and others by Francis Cooper of George Watson’s Ladies’ College. Nine of these pamphlets still survive within the family archives:

Pamphlet 1 Pamphlet 2Pamphlet 3Pamphlet 4Pamphlet 6 Pamphlet 7 Pamphlet 8Pamphlet 9 Pamphlet 10