Henry Taylor Wyse – The Man

H CharacterHenry Wyse wrote an unfinished autobiography, that would have been published but for his untimely death. The manuscript is still within the family, and was transcribed for their wider benefit a few years ago.

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This is an edited version of that transcribed manuscript:


Arts & Crafts Book

Henry Wyse kept various scrapbooks and other records of his life and works. These were often hand written, and sometimes illuminated in his own style, which was based on Celtic designs from many sources.  This book should be viewed in conjunction with the other auto-biographical works.

These are just a selection of photographs of Henry Wyse that are held within the family:

These are a sample of the artworks that Henry Wyse created during his life:

From left to right, these four photographs show Henry Wyse’s home in Nolt Loan, Arbroath, and his Edinburgh homes in Craighouse Terrace, Braid Road, and Craigleith Grove: