Henry Taylor Wyse

150th Anniversary

6th February 1870 – 24th March 1951

HTW circa 1893

Who was Henry Taylor Wyse?..

The Scotsman Newspaper, writing Henry Wyse’s obituary in 1951 headlined just three things: ‘He was teacher, painter, writer...’ – but that was only a brief summary of Wyse’s accomplishments. We could add ‘designer, publisher, mentor, potter, chemist, inventor, collector, poet, patriot, archivist, entrepreneur and family man……’, and still not do justice to a man who was an Arts & Crafts polymath.

It is thanks to the careful conservation of Wyse’s collection and archives within the family, and the recording by his descendants of objects and paper archives in digital format for the benefit of the wider public, that this website has been constructed to share the many facets of the long life and career of Henry Wyse – a man always interested in learning new things, thorough in his documenting of events and processes, and mindful of his responsibility to pass on his knowledge and skills to others.

Use the navigational guides on the Home Page to explore the rich treasury of objects and archives (some of them unique survivors of ephemeral material) which are the legacy of Henry Wyse.

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